Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sharing our loss, Faces of Distracted Driving

Casey Feldman-The national symbol of the toll of distracted driving. That is the headline on the cover of yesterday's Daily Times. The distracted driving video featuring Casey's friends and Di has gone national: Faces of Distracted Driving: Casey Feldman, 21
A father asks: "Listen to Casey’s story,
share it, and commit to driving safer."
I worked so hard for this to happen and it was a very emotional day-seeing Casey's face on the cover of the local newspaper , speaking with reporters about distracted driving and Casey and our loss.... Gratifying but gut wrenching. All of the positive e-mails I receive are very helpful and promising ..perhaps people will change the way they drive.

What Will It Take?", Delaware County Daily Times, 2-25-2011
Faces of Distracted Driving: Casey Feldman, 21. U.S. DOT, 2-22-2011

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