Friday, April 6, 2012

For Casey's 21st Birthday three years ago

Thinking about Casey today-what would be/is her 24th birthday. Looking through old e-mails from before she died and found the one I sent to her three years ago today:

Not to get too sentimental but I was thinking about that day 21 years ago when you were kind enough to appear and make me a father-one of my greatest blessings in life and for which I am so grateful every day. The eagerness, the worry-your Mom did not want to get to the hospital fast enough for me. And just that feeling when you arrived and we knew you were fine and healthy. I fill with emotion when I think of how wonderful a young woman you are, bright, sensitive and caring and sooooooooooo hard working . I also think about how you have handled the “downs” and I so appreciate you sharing some of those with me also-now that Dad tries to keep his mouth shut and listen its probably easier to do so.

I will try to call you later as I know you are working—hey you are 21-kiss as many strange boys as you want!!!

I love you very much sweetie

Filling with emotion today also-still so very proud,still blessed to have Caey as a daughter but raw, painful and empty