Sunday, July 15, 2012

3rd Anniversary

Tuesday will be the 3rd anniversary of Casey's death. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other times , and this scares me, I seem to have gotten used to it in a way. I was reading some of the e-mails and cards and letters that came in from kind folks after Casey's death and while it is very emotional to do so , they are comforting-the common thread was that for those who knew Casey the shock of losing someone with so much energy, compassion and vitality made them want to change the direction of their lives and to become better people. For those who did not know Casey they were touched by learning about her and also wanted to become kinder and gentler people. Looking into a future without Casey is painful, as painful as it has ever been-for what she has lost and what we have lost by not having her here. So I don't really look into the future and miss her and know that half of our family's future was destroyed three years ago. The loss to her and all who knew her and those who would have been touched by her is so profound and I cannot grasp it. I  know that for what we have been through nothing really scares me and  that I do appreciate life much more. I understand how life and health are gifts, and how important people-relationships - are and that I am impelled to do things, create and touch people in Casey's memory and will always feel that is my mission.  I am  at times more fulfilled than I have ever been as I  mourn Casey's absence, missing here, remembering her and making certain that her life and memory make a difference in this world.


  1. Kristin.Loiacono@justice.orgJuly 17, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    Thinking of you on July 17th. I have shared the work you are doing, and Casey's story, with several friends and family members this week. Yes, her life and memory are making a difference.

  2. I just found your blog today. I'm reading all about Casey, but of course, I know you wish Casey could live her life the way she was meant to do, rather than have her story told by her father.
    My 23 year old son was killed 9 weeks ago and I've been searching the internet for blogs by bereaved parents. I've been gathering everything into one site for my own reading purposes, but I'm also sharing it with others who have lost a child or a sibling.
    I've added your blog to my site, so that I can continue to read your writing.

    My husband, daughter, and I are still in shock each day as we keep realizing that we will not see him again. We are in shock that he will not get the chance to fulfill any of his hopes or dreams.
    By writing your blog, it helps people like me see that I will be able to survive (though it feels somehow disloyal to survive at all without him).