Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting on without Casey

This past week was as stressful a week professionally as I have had for many years. I had a securities case go to a three day arbitration, Di was away in Colorado and the night before the cross exam of the defendant's expert and the closings, little Hamlet, one of our rescue cats, had a bladder stone/blockage and needed to get treatment on an emergency basis. I wound up preparing for the next day at the vet's office until almost 1:00 a.m. After the case was over I was physically drained . It was great to not have to focus on the case as I had done for most of the last week around the clock. Slowly I realized that I had thought of Casey less than any time after her death. I am getting on without Casey and doing pretty well at times- The so-called reinvestment in life that grief specialists speak of. That became a very painful realization. I am not yet ready to admit or believe or accept that I can get on " so well" without her.


  1. Hi Joel..thinking of you..remember you take her with you in all you you don't have to do it without her.
    from Jody Lerner

  2. Sending love and the thought that getting on "so well" without her isn't the same as you forgetting her. And even as you were living through this week without her as much in your active thoughts - you still were prioritizing something important to her. You cared for your rescue cat, just as she would want you to.