Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Philadelphia Inquirer Article: Tragic Turn For Plaintiff's Attorney

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer was published on January 7 th , 2010: Tragic Turn For Plaintiff's Attorney. The article described my practice of personal injury law-and specifically about how I prepare settlement DVD's for the larger cases that I handle. I have done settlement DVD's for death cases, cases involving amputations, cases involving brain injuries and cases where the client had become paralyzed. All my clients and their families had suffered losses, as now I had, and I began to see how my loss would affect me as a personal injury attorney. I personally felt (and still do) different as a result of losing Casey, but rarely made a connection with a client as a result of understanding and communicating personally about their loss. I was able to describe and explain their loss in a legal sense and to obtain good results for clients, but , looking back , I could have done more. I had not been an unkind person , but I just did not know how to offer comfort to those who had suffered losses-I offered my legal experience but that was all. There is so much more that I can offer now that I have some experience with a tragic loss. I can and will do more in the future. Hundreds of people communicated with me as a result of publication of the article. Many said they had heard that Casey died during the summer but had not reached out since they did not know what to say. They did not know what they could do to lessen my grief. One person even sent an e-mail titled "my lack of courage." The awkwardness surrounding tragic loss prevents many kind and caring people from helping and supporting others. It is so difficult for those grieving and those who want to help but just do not know how to do so.

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