Sunday, January 24, 2010

Message to my co-workers

Several weeks after Casey died I was considering trying to return to work at my law firm and wanted to let everyone there know just how much I appreciated the support that I had received. I was at times overwhelmed by my loss and at other times able to think that perhaps life could resume and we could all go on. I had represented many people who had lost loved ones and was beginning to get a sense of what my clients, those family members , had actually experienced following their loss. I began to realize that not only would I be changed as a person but also as an attorney representing families who had suffered tragic losses. I sent an e-mail to the firm which contained the following:

With what we do we encounter death and tragedy on a daily basis. We have achieved great results for families mourning the loss of a loved one or suffering from the effects of a devastating injury. While I may have said over the years to a family member that I understood what they were going through I clearly did not and doubt anyone could who has not actually lived any one of a number of nightmare scenarios themselves. I will be a better more compassionate person and lawyer as a result of what has happened.

Di , Brett and I will miss Casey very much as I know many of you will too. We are beginning to see that from tragedy there can be growth and an opportunity for fuller, more rewarding lives and relationships-- that is a direct result of the love and support we have received as we have learned more about our wonderful daughter and sister and how she so positively affected the lives of others. We will be closer as a family and will have a greater appreciation for what is important in our lives and the lives of others . Yesterday at the funeral I said that Casey would want us to work hard and achieve but to also take time to be kind and compassionate.

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